Life and Times of Douglas The D is for Drama!


Legends of tomorrow

As far as far the term ludicrous goes, the show Legends of tomorrow is the most ludicrous show ever,it’s technically the first of it’s kind, usually spin-offs are from one TV show but this show is a spin-off of 2 different shows, don’t worry this isn’t a show review so I’ll get to the point.


The dictionary explains the word support to mean : to give help or assistance to (someone or something)
A lot of times people can’t/don’t show support because they can’t see the future of whatever it is to be supported,this is even more common in the business world when you’re trying to raise funds for your business.

Spectranet In Rivers State

One of the biggest challenges we currently face running an Internet company where our major product is a cloud product, is internet service. it’s availability, affordability and efficiency for the clients, so I wrote about how we need to get an ISP partnership because that would make the adoption of SmartSchool our online school information system very easy,

Early Gratification Is Over

So i was watching the latest episode of Big Bang theory Season 9 yesterday (E09) and i was 13mins into the 20mins show ,I was already in awe of the really great comedy as usual and something interesting happened…… Elon Musk made an appearance, he did crack a few jokes or so and the scene was definitely funny, its BBT what do you expect, but i won’t be talking about BBT today. I’ll be talking...

Life and Times of Douglas The D is for Drama!

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