Life and Times of Douglas The D is for Drama!


2016 in review: God is too glorious!

To many, 2016 was a horrible or miserable year, but genuinely, I can’t relate to that. God basically carried me on his wings all through this year and we soared from Glory to Glory. If you’ve watched GOT S06, 2016 was basically the scene where Daenerys was on her dragon, flying far above the war and turmoil. Also, 2016 included some occasional breathe of fire down on all my enemies. I...

It’s been four months

Questionnaire: It’s been four months since you left social media. How do you survive? Don’t you miss all the fun things on Social Media? All those funny pictures and videos?
Questionnaire: So what do you do for  fun?
Douglas: I work.

Selective Amnesia

I’m about to throw a tantrum,
This is definitely not like the kanye twitter tantrum.
In this case i actually have something to complain about.

Hotel Impossible

Oh beautiful hotel impossible the one good spot to go and forget all your sorrows, trust me they offer the best services in town, they even have branches in every town. the luxury menu includes “it doesn’t matter”, “why try when you can ignore”, “waiting is for losers” and their famous duo of main course and appetiser “God’s time was during...

Life and Times of Douglas The D is for Drama!

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