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2016 in review: God is too glorious!

To many, 2016 was a horrible or miserable year, but genuinely, I can’t relate to that. God basically carried me on his wings all through this year and we soared from Glory to Glory. If you’ve watched GOT S06, 2016 was basically the scene where Daenerys was on her dragon, flying far above the war and turmoil. Also, 2016 included some occasional breathe of fire down on all my enemies. I...

Ride Along

Apart from the bible, the only time a lot of years is counted as “just”, “some” or “little” is when people are talking about squatting in someone else’s apartment. This phenomenon truly baffles me.

Finally! I got a reply

The suspense of this week was intense. Probably because, the three days we had as public holidays gave me so much time to replay my actions a million times.
Finally! I got a reply from the CEO today being Friday, after four days of constantly refreshing my mail box while thoughts of  “Congratulations, you lost job even before you even started” crossed my mind.

Life and Times of Douglas The D is for Drama!

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