Life and Times of Douglas The D is for Drama!


LTTP: Analyzing my “love”

I tell everyone I meet that my favorite book is A love worth giving by Max Lucado. I say it’s my favorite book because everytime I read it, it opens my eyes to how much God loves me and how I can in turn pass that love to everyone around me. Reading that book for the first time made a huge impact in my life, it made me feel loved by God, like really loved, I know God loves me and while I...

The Jigsaw Puzzle

To Jerusalem,  Daughter of the Lord! In science, it’s said that there is no such thing as empty space, even if we can’t see anything with our natural eyes, some matter no matter how minute is occupying it. Due to the shape similarity of most pieces of the jigsaw puzzle, one can randomly put all the pieces together to complete the puzzle in no time, but the gag is, when you look at the completed...

The man named Tim Tebow

As usual, I wasted  my time watching a TV  show last week. This show is quite different though,(I think it premiered last year) the way it goes is that they get 2 celebrities to compete for who can lip-sync better, the celebrities get to pick any song of their choice and the winner goes home with a golden belt.
 On this episode I got to meet someone great and I would like to share with you.


The dictionary explains the word support to mean : to give help or assistance to (someone or something)
A lot of times people can’t/don’t show support because they can’t see the future of whatever it is to be supported,this is even more common in the business world when you’re trying to raise funds for your business.

This is Unfair

Yes it is, the way folks we care about and love treat us like we have no hearts or emotion, especially when no action from your part portrays you as weak and easy to ride on. “These folks” can be our family, friends and even relationship partners, they pierce daggers right in front of our hearts like we are expected to be numb to it,they step on our feet like we don’t deserve to...

Love in Obedience

Just like normal human relationships won’t work with one partner refusing to obey the other,you relationship with God will never be steady when you refuse to Obey his Word.

All the love you need

You just can’t fully understand it, it’s too amazing, it’s captivating, it blows your mind, it doesn’t deplete, how can it be? We all wonder, how can something so good and great be so free and everlasting? Its not a silent love or a numb love, this love has alot of action along with it, it has cost an important life all for you and the best part is it DOESN’T JUDGE...

Life and Times of Douglas The D is for Drama!

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