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Finally! I got a reply

The suspense of this week was intense. Probably because, the three days we had as public holidays gave me so much time to replay my actions a million times.
Finally! I got a reply from the CEO today being Friday, after four days of constantly refreshing my mail box while thoughts of  “Congratulations, you lost job even before you even started” crossed my mind.

Is Esther for Esther?

Like I mentioned in a previous post, this year God has opened my eyes to the mystery of praying with scriptural references. They even do it in every Covenant University service, they announce the prayer point and then give the scriptural reference, but up until this year, I thought that was just for “activity”, all praise to God for freeing me from that delusion and opening my eyes to...

Goliath has been slain

The past couple of weeks have been really interesting, God has thought me so much in so little time, I’ve come to trust God in things I cannot control.


I see you “reaching” devil:
But I’m beyond your reach. (Eph 1:20-21)
I see you plotting against my success:
But I’m unbothered because I know it won’t work. (Phil 1:6)

So you won’t wear it?

Saul: So David you don’t want to wear this full body armor for the fight?
David: No thanks, I won’t be needing it.
Saul: Huh? This is the only thing that will will protect you oh!!!
David: LOL *yimu*
*David walks into the fight without the full body armor but his  confidence in God*

Legends of tomorrow

As far as far the term ludicrous goes, the show Legends of tomorrow is the most ludicrous show ever,it’s technically the first of it’s kind, usually spin-offs are from one TV show but this show is a spin-off of 2 different shows, don’t worry this isn’t a show review so I’ll get to the point.

Books vs Movies

Yinka: “That movie just ruined the book for me, Hollywood does this to so many nice books.”

That time i wanted to be a programmer but got something else

When I was in 100 level all I wanted to do was fix computers, I liked how it made people happy, plus it paid a good sum for a young boy in 2011. I had this really cool friend called Emmanuel AKA “Steve Jobs” we had mad dreams and aspirations to take the school by surprise with super plans for corporate gadget repairs …we tried to start a company together like 4–5 times but we were never able to...

Life and Times of Douglas The D is for Drama!

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