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The dictionary explains the word support to mean : to give help or assistance to (someone or something)
A lot of times people can’t/don’t show support because they can’t see the future of whatever it is to be supported,this is even more common in the business world when you’re trying to raise funds for your business.

And this fact above is a basis for the breaking/making of numerous relationships, family,business, friends and even our “loved” ones.

I don’t intend this article to be a long one, so I’ll just get to my point immediately
Go for substance! And what I mean by that is : most times physically you would not be able to see any reason to support people, it’s actually just human/flesh nature to be filled with doubt hence the reason why we find it hard to put in our effort/emotion/time/money etc to support someone.

The lesson here is truly we can’t place our hope in the fact that the person we are supporting would succeed, however we can place our hope in God that the person we are committing so much time and effort to would succeed, hence the need to go for people that have God,that’s the only safe way to ensure you’re not making a futile effort.

With people that have God you can sleep with your eyes closed that all will work out.Go or ensure you’re supporting someone with the backing of the Lord Avoid people that don’t have/want to have God as the lead, they are just time wasters #DontWasteYourTime2016.

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Life and Times of Douglas The D is for Drama!

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