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So we are down from 4 to 2 Support Staff for Kendyson, We sadly had to let 2 of our workers go due to lack of clients and not enough Workload for four, this wasn’t an easy decision because they all are like family to me however the 2 that were let go were the least competent as regards their work in the past five months since we began in july together.

This termination of appointment is also due to the fact that we cannot keep paying staff that basically do nothing, and if we have to downsize to grow as a company, **SO BE IT!**.

Below is a copy of the Termination of Appointment Letter used for the 2 Staff
Its been a great 5 months working with you, your energy and spirit has been more than refreshing; however due to the company’s inefficiency to get more clients in this last quarter of the year 2015, there has been little or no workload available and hence our inability to afford more than 2 support staff.
We are so sorry to see you go but hopefully in time, if you’re still available when we have enough work load, we would gladly love to have you back. Attached is your salary for the month of October.
Please kindly return all company items in your possession before the End of the Week.
Again thank you very much for your efforts, God bless you.

We are currently looking for more ways to cause traction for SmartSchool to ensure more clients use our lovely product before the end of the year.

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Life and Times of Douglas The D is for Drama!

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