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Early Gratification Is Over


So i was watching the latest episode of Big Bang theory Season 9 yesterday (E09) and i was 13mins into the 20mins show ,I was already in awe of the really great comedy as usual and something interesting happened……
Elon Musk made an appearance, he did crack a few jokes or so and the scene was definitely funny, its BBT what do you expect, but i won’t be talking about BBT today. I’ll be talking about the AfterMath of that Episode.

Elon Musk… Elon Musk… Elon Musk. I remember a few months ago my friend success omole DM’ed me a link to his biography or something like that and i think the link either refused to open or i opened it, glanced at a few lines and i forgot about it, and i also read an article a while ago on how he was advising the twitter C.E.O to not be the C.E.O of two companies because he currently is and its not a childs play…

So yes i may have heard a thing or two, but i guess this episode was fate, because just exactly 2 days ago i was reading an article on [Entreprenuer Blog]( about Elon Musk State of Mind and it lead me to a really weird blog called [WaitButWhy Blog]( , which had the full details the entrepreneur blog made a little excerpt from, and that day i open the 3/4 tabs of Elon Musk Related Articles but the whole scenario of the blog was just a bit off, plus i scrolled down and boy were the articles really lengthy, but for some really strange reason, i didn’t close the tabs immediately.

I mean if Normal Douglas scrolls an article and it takes less than 1 second to get to the bottom, i say bye bye to the tab instant;y, maybe it’s the african stereotype of not wanting to read lol, however for some reason, i left those tabs open on my browser for days until after i watched this Big Bang theory Episode. And i believe its the lord that did that because after the episode i was just really curious about Elon Musk, i just wanted to know more about him and what he is all about.

Then it occurred to me that i had a couple of opened tabs on my browser about Elon Musk and i started reading and reading and reading and reading and i was like OMG!! this article is really long,i scrolled down to see my fate and sure was it long!, however the writer was damn interesting too and elon Musk is quite the person!

well.. i read just one article (Please don’t judge mee i’m not a reading person) One Loooong article is enough for the night, and sure was it enough *Although i’ll probably read the others* but if there is one thing i got from his story is that, that guys doesn’t know what gratification after cashing out means, he basically invested 99% of all his earnings to his business, he’s certainly not a Richard Branson!.

However a lot of other things really inspired me about Elon Musk, his doggedness towards his beliefs and goals,his emotional stability too, damn!!! i have to give it to him, he had a horrible divorce and still managed to remain stable, plus all the times his spacecrafts failed and his failed attempts to produce tesla motors, This man is Strong!!!!.

Not to mention his devotion to seeking more knowledge, i think thats where i fail at, i am really closed minded and i have to work on really searching for knowledge and not expecting it to come to me in a TV show i watch. Plus i think its time for me to quit series completely, Elon just gave me so much inspiration! i just realised “true” consistence pays but series won’t let me be consistent, this is the first semester of my final year in college and i decided to stay off series for the semester to ensure i focus on my academics but i do have plans to binge watch all the shows i missed during the holiday but i believe i would have to let that go if i want to be an achiever like Elon Musk, i would have to focus and let go of side attractions that can come later.

So the long and short of this story is i will stop spending all my earnings on food but my business so it can grow,i think i can afford being lean for a while at the expense of my business getting fat!.

Plus i think Elon Musk is my new mentor…. I think!! still exploring his genius mind, more lessons from Elon coming soon.

PS: if you’re confused by the fact that i said i don’t watch shows in school but i saw BBT yesternight let me clear that up for you.. ? Out of the 24 active shows i watch i watch only a few(Mostly Comedy) in school because i can’t be Sucked in by comedy say around 4-5 of the 24?.

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