Life and Times of Douglas The D is for Drama!

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The honest truth is that we’re not just selling a product and this phrase cannot be overemphasised,
We are selling a revolution, this country nigeria doesn’t know it yet, they don’t fully get the idea about Cloud Computing yet,
Kendyson Solutions is bringing that into the Mix,thats just it, with our premium product SmartSchool doing it on a School Administration Basis to
Our ExamReady Platform making a competent education ecosystem for students in nigeria.
We are computing a ton of data that can be used to make great improvements, to our society and its education system.

We are basically Screaming Education Education Education Now, because we see a weak link in the system and we want to make it not just strong
but up to standard to compete globally.

A lot of all these technologies are so hard to implement especially to the older ones,because like the old tale (You can’t bend a dry fish, it will break)
Hence the fact that we are instilling the Cloud Computing to the young ones, via schools and personal computing, at this stage they most involved in
their education that’s why we would be hitting it from that angle.

There is so much to accomplish with Kendyson Solutions, The World needs us, Our Country needs Us.

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Life and Times of Douglas The D is for Drama!

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