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Spectranet In Rivers State


One of the biggest challenges we currently face running an Internet company where our major product is a cloud product, is internet service. it’s availability, affordability and efficiency for the clients, so I wrote about how we need to get an ISP partnership because that would make the adoption of SmartSchool our online school information system very easy,

deep down in my heart I looked at all the ISP players in the market and I didn’t want to partner with any of them, not like they were even offering us though lol. But I didn’t want to partner with any of them(swift,smile,ipnx etc) because they were just too expensive,and the people we are trying to reach are not the super rich schools, we want to cause new converts for this adoption of cloud technology and most of these schools won’t want pay a huge sum for our Software as a service product and still pay monthly for Internet, hence the current debacle.

I haven’t mentioned this but technically we are on a forced break,we have no client  at the moment to use our very wonderful system,we lost our one and only  client due to “Internet adoption and slightly price issue” hence we are using this time, now till about June 2016 to make more innovations for the product and work on a whole lot of logistics to deliver our wonderful application flawlessly to this people. Which brings me to my point, I’ve always loved Spectranet , I mean they have the best plans in the ISP business in Nigeria,they’re fast and also efficient. The only reason I didn’t consider sending them an email in the past was because they weren’t available in Rivers state(Port Harcourt) Nigeria, and port harcourt is a huge market for our so-called new converts, however they just recently announced that their services are available in port harcourt and this is a great game-changer for SmartSchool.

With their  very affordable  and fast internet , schools in port harcourt now have a chance to use Internet more frequently and SmartSchool can be adopted easily, this gives me so much joy because just a few days ago,I was looking for motivation to work on the SmartSchool updates however today motivation has come looking for me in the person of Spectranet, how wonderful it is for us to keep innovating knowing that our application will have a reliable ISP to allow its adoption.

Hopefully if I contact them to offer me some sort of partnership to increase their sales at a discount for these schools we would be adding to their client list, they will agree, if not God has already given us victory with them just being in Rivers state and we are truly too Grateful to God.

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Life and Times of Douglas The D is for Drama!

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