Life and Times of Douglas The D is for Drama!

This is Unfair


Yes it is, the way folks we care about and love treat us like we have no hearts or emotion, especially when no action from your part portrays you as weak and easy to ride on.

“These folks” can be our family, friends and even relationship partners, they pierce daggers right in front of our hearts like we are expected to be numb to it,they step on our feet like we don’t deserve to walk shinning, they mess with our emotions like we are robots, and the questions start flooding our mind like “Do I need to take this nonsense?” , “who do they think they are?” And for some of us we even start doubting ourselves asking “What is wrong with me?” , “Do I just attract misery?” .

4 magic words. “Love endures all things” .

That’s from the famous law of Love in 1 Corinth 13. The honest truth is love is really not an easy task, most times you have to press hard to love even when it’s not comfortable for you. One with the love of God must learn to endure all things just as Christ endured the cross for us.

So yes you have to take “that nonsense” , well love also sees the best in people so “they are wonderful people” you know why? Because of that perfect love of God.

And lastly nothing is wrong with you nor do you attract misery, just live a life of Love and all will fall in line in time.

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Life and Times of Douglas The D is for Drama!

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