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Trying too hard


My NYSC call-up letter was released today; I was posted to Abuja. At this point, I think I’m basically trying too hard to be upset about it.  Do I want Lagos? Yes, Off-course.  Do I want to miss part of my January and February Salary? No! Am I going to miss working like a robot for three weeks(probably four because of the extra running around for registration after CAMP)? Yes!!!


For someone riding on the grace of God, it’s just dumb to be angry I got Abuja, knowing fully well God has my back and everything is according to his perfect will. The funniest part is, I told my mum and all my friends that I won’t go for NYSC, and my mum was very against it, but now that the call-up letter came, she switched to “You can decide to defer it if you want, if the Spirit is saying stay, you should stay”. SMH!

Unfortunately, I don’t hear the Spirit saying I should defer.

Maybe I’m just pained because, up until today, I was 100% sure I wouldn’t go for NYSC this year (#AintNobodyGotTimeForThat). But now, Despite the fact that I didn’t get Lagos, I don’t feel like “not going” anymore.

PS: Not feeling like “not going” is not the same as wanting to go, just making that clear…


Let’s see what next week looks like.


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