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Was this a test?


Or was I just being young and foolish?

Do you just ever cringe so hard when you get to a part of the scripture you feel God is going to remind you of in the not so far future?  I definitely felt this way when I extended my bible reading from my usual Esther Chapter 1 and 2 to read till chapter 10 (where I discovered Esther was faced with a tough decision she had to make for Gods people). To be honest, while I read those scriptures I told myself, just wait God is going to remind you of this scripture, real soon.

I was actually praying to be accepted to a Korea startup programme, I submitted the Zoe Media idea (A platform to sell Gospel Audio and Video messages). So Esther 1 & 2 was my prayer anchor so my team and I will be picked and favoured greatly like Esther. So this is what happened, A friend booked a  job (a really great job) for me, which would be so much fun. We had the meeting with the CEO last week Saturday, the only issue was that it was a “FULL FULL time” job, so I had to be fully committed.

I got home that day and I think the ramifications hadn’t really dawned on me, but very early Sunday morning, while I was preparing to go to church (PS: since I started going to the Winners church at Canaan land Ota, my love for going to church is like 1000%), I think (I’m really not sure now, to be honest)  the Holy Spirit started reminding me of the Korea trip, like would I give up my chance to build ZoeMedia (A platform to spread his word) for a very secure and awesome full time job. Then it occurred to me; Esther Chapter 3-10!, God blessed Esther so much but was she blessed for herself or for her people? She was even faced with the possibility of death by going to the king but she still went ahead. In my case,  I faced loosing the job opportunity by telling the CEO that I wanted to be able to leave for Korea if the opportunity came but if the opportunity didn’t come I would still be fully committed to the job he had offered me…hehehe, speak of trying to loose a job you just started.

To me,  all that was to be done was clear. I knew I had to tell him and get his response, and if he wouldn’t be fine with me leaving if the Korea opportunity came, then I’d decline the job offer. I spoke to my friend that introduced me to the CEO, he wasn’t even really sure why I was doing it and I really didn’t want to explain it to him, but being the good friend he is, he was okay with me contacting the CEO and letting him know my stance on the employment. I sent an email later that day detailing all I had in mind, and I’ve still not gotten a reply till this Monday morning. However, I woke up this morning to a rejection email from Korea that I didn’t make the cut for the trip (speak of good drama TV show material).

So at this point I am not angry at myself for not waiting a little longer before I sent my email. Because, I wouldn’t want to not take action immediately when I get a leading nor will I lead the CEO on without him and I having full clarification. However, a little part of me still asks was this a test or was I just being impulsively stupid? Because, I just sent an email again, asking him to disregard the email I sent earlier that I didn’t get into the Korea trip so all of that doesn’t matter anymore and I’ll be 100% committed into his company.

At the point, the tables have turned. From having more than one option to me praying God makes a way for the CEO to brush the past email  off like it was nothing (God is so amazing in his ways, like legit! ?), because; I know if I get to work with them, I’ll get so much good experience (managerially and coding wise) in which I would use to run ZoeMedia in the future.


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Life and Times of Douglas The D is for Drama!

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