Life and Times of Douglas The D is for Drama!

I prayed today


This shouldn’t be news but I guess that’s where I am at now.

I slept at the office yesterday night and instead of taking my laptop home this morning, while I went to freshen up, I decided to keep it at the office. Surprisingly, I prayed before coming back to work. Not the locking your door, thank you Jesus for this morning kind of prayer, an actual prayer. Lol. I’m not saying saying  thank you Jesus while you lock your door is bad but I think you know what I mean.

I’m shook too. I legit forgot what praying at home felt like. Maybe I should start keeping my laptop in the office every night or maybe I should change my laptop lifestyle… Nah…keeping my laptop in the office is smarter. SMH.


I used the opportunity to finally tell God the car I want – Hyundai Elantra 2015. 😁

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Life and Times of Douglas The D is for Drama!

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