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I wouldn’t know


It would be very challenging for me to surprise my Mum with a new Chanel bag. That’s because, I wouldn’t know an original Chanel bag from a fake, even with a microscope. My really good intentions may end up making her a laughing stock by buying her something fake.

But, if I were to get her a 2015 64GB rose gold iPhone 6S Plus with 3D touch and 4K video, now that would be a piece of cake for me. I can spot an original apple product from a clone even with my eyes closed. The difference between these two scenarios is not because I don’t love my Mum enough to look hard for an original bag, or that I don’t know where original products are sold, but that my information level as regards the two products are different, one is very insufficient for me to make a good buying decision while the other is very sufficient for me to make a great buying decision.

We go through this almost everyday; the devil presents us with clones and fakes of all promises of God, trying to deceive us and sway us from the truth of what we are and what we have in Christ Jesus. And  If we aren’t careful, we would fall prey to his evil plans. But glory to God! we can shield ourselves against such wickedness with the true knowledge of Christ. The knowledge of Gods plan for us, now and in the future. The knowledge that would be our watch word to defeat the devil whenever he comes near. This knowledge can only be accessed by studying the Word of God (the Bible) and praying fervently.

In praying and studying the Word of God continuously, one thing we do is prepare ourselves for unplanned situations. Most times we feel we know ourselves well and know all that we can do and can’t do, but then an unplanned situation surprisingly shows us otherwise.

John 16:13: Howbeit when he, the Spirit of truth, is come, he will guide you into all truth: for he shall not speak of himself; but whatsoever he shall hear, that shall he speak: and he will shew you things to come.


The Spirit is always here to prepare us, and turn our “unplanned occurrences” to “normal occurrences”. Because, the Spirt has showed us and prepared us for them already.

Back to my bag analogy; And if  by all means I wanted to get the Chanel bag, I would need to follow my “Chanel bag” experienced friend  to the market to get it; That way, I am sure of getting the best quality. We don’t know it all, we can’t know it all (A fact we need to accept), but we know someone that knows it all; His name is the Holy Spirit. We need to follow him everyday, he knows what’s best for us and is willing to help us get the best.

Never feel like you’ve got it all or you know it all to the extent of neglecting your relationship with the Holy Spirit. A relationship with Holy Spirit is indispensable and must be nurtured daily with constant prayer and Word study.

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Life and Times of Douglas The D is for Drama!

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