Life and Times of Douglas The D is for Drama!

Today is a really good day


I’m happy my first post in 2018 is a testimony.

Two things happened today.

  1. I got my US Business/Tourism Visa
  2. Finished the migration to the app I’ve been building for over 4 months.

I love God, and how He does things. It’s so cool how He makes you know that every point in time, it’s really Him and not you. This was my first Visa application ever, I’ve never even travelled out of Nigeria before, while I was on the queue to be interviewed there was this interviewer that was declining everyone that came to him. He was all smiley, and nice as he issued the pink/purple paper saying “Sorry you do not meet the requirements for a Visa at this time”. In my mind I’m wondering, is that it? is that all you get for the 64,000 Naira you paid for application — A popping scam. Just like that, the money has gone. hehe. Also, I don’t know what exactly I pictured for a visa interview, but I definitely did not picture standing and talking to someone over a glass, okay, I confess, I pictured talking to someone on a couch, don’t judge me. Ps: A LOT OF PEOPLE ARE TRYING TO LEAVE THIS COUNTRY.

So there I was, being witness to 4/5 people being told their 64,000 Naira and their plans to travel to the US are gone, and it was almost my turn. I was thinking,

God don’t put me on this lunatic’s lane, I know I didn’t pay for the 64,000 with my money(Flutterwave paid), but I know I’ll be a little pained if I get declined.

There were two people in front of me at the time, a guy right in front of me, and a lady before him. As the security guard instructed the woman to enter the “Decliner’s” lane for her interview, she audible said “Why you put me for this queue for this guy wey no dey give visa“, in my mind I was just telling God, not this  guy please, not this decliner guy. The security guard instructed the guy before me to go to another lane, and then told me to wait. At this point, my heart was already beating like a drum.

And then, the expected happened; the security guy instructed me to join the “Decliner’s lane”, while I was on the lane, waiting for him to get to me, I was just telling God, the only reason you put me on this lane is because you want to show yourself. That’s all. Because that’s the only explanation for putting me on the lane of someone that has declined all the people before me. I kept repeating that in my head.

The guy declined the lady in front of me(the lady that complained earlier), Lol(Not funny when you think of her 64,000 Naira though), Then it was my turn! I was freaking out, yet I was calm. The interviewer asked why I was going to the US, marital status, if I had kids(I like when people think I’m old enough to have kids, it’s cute, but creepy too), the name of my company, my role, and my programming language, and after typing for a minute, he said the five magical words “Your visa has been approved”. I followed the pattern of the build — seemed like people weren’t allowed to show emotions in that building, so I took my confirmation paper, said thank you and walked away. God really wanted to show himself, that He can favour me even with the most ruthless interviewer ever. I serve a real God!


Also, on Wednesday night, I began migration to the new Barter platform I built, so I basically haven’t slept in like 30-40 hours, but we put the live site up by about 8PM today, and it was great. Currently fixing bugs, but it’s nice to know I’ve built/currently building a platform that is used by over 13,000 people.


Today is a really good day! God did his thing!

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