Life and Times of Douglas The D is for Drama!



I see you “reaching” devil:
But I’m beyond your reach. (Eph 1:20-21)
I see you plotting against my success:
But I’m unbothered because I know it won’t work. (Phil 1:6)

When the going gets tough

Last weekend on my way to my younger sister’s school for visiting day I had a seemingly disturbing phone call and to be honest I felt a bit naughty that I wasn’t as worried as I was supposed to be.

Selective Amnesia

I’m about to throw a tantrum,
This is definitely not like the kanye twitter tantrum.
In this case i actually have something to complain about.

The process is Important

One phrase  a lot of folks use while travailing for a  besetting sin to go away is  “Lord i’ve done everything”.
There is nothing wrong with doing all you’re meant to do to be free. But one question people ignore is “how did you do it?”, “What was your process in doing it?”.

Its all in HIM!

Its fascinating how when men lived in sin,they depended totally on Self, and when they come to the knowledge of christ and surrender there lives to christ they still depend on self.
If you look at the new testaments and how the apostles made reference to whatever the christians had,the most common words used which many folks ten to overlook is “IN HIM”.

Why Worry???

There is a difference between planning and worrying and many folks dont realise it,we’ve let the devil take us from planning and thinking for the future to FULL BLOWN WORRY and we make statements like , “if i don’t worry about it who will”.

You DON’T have to know!

One of the means the devil uses to sway us from our faith most times is making us calculate how that which we are believing God for is going to come to pass.This has to stop now.

Walk in it or Forget it

This is another interesting lesson i believe we must learn if we say we are walking in faith,if there was anything constant in all of jesus healing acts in the bible it’s that he gave the “healed” a command after he healed them,most times saying “Go”.The point i would want you to get here is that you cannot say you are walking in faith and stay the same way you were...

Life and Times of Douglas The D is for Drama!

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