Life and Times of Douglas The D is for Drama!

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Survival of the fittest

I really wish I can relate this to my weight loss series but I can’t.
This is about going through everything you need to go through to be who and where you want to be.

Yard sticks and weight goals

It’s so nice that this is my blog and I can say whatever I want.
New fact(maybe alternative fact): Yard sticks are one of the many reasons why Fat people are still fat.
Let me tell you why

Order my steps

While I was taking an evening(mid-night) jog/walk in my estate some days back, I was just complaining to God about how my life is just going somehow, not bad per se but definitely not in the God glorifying path, and I was asking him about what I should do.

Work it out!

Heads up! I’m about to call all snack bad & unhealthy, so don’t take it personal. Just get the message 🙂
You know what a fat person shouldn’t do? have a snack!

The Jigsaw Puzzle

To Jerusalem,  Daughter of the Lord! In science, it’s said that there is no such thing as empty space, even if we can’t see anything with our natural eyes, some matter no matter how minute is occupying it. Due to the shape similarity of most pieces of the jigsaw puzzle, one can randomly put all the pieces together to complete the puzzle in no time, but the gag is, when you look at the completed...

Weighing weights

The word of God encourages us to strip off weights in Heb 12: 1, and while we all agree we need to strip off weights to focus on our journey with christ, we most times aren’t able to.

2016 in review: God is too glorious!

To many, 2016 was a horrible or miserable year, but genuinely, I can’t relate to that. God basically carried me on his wings all through this year and we soared from Glory to Glory. If you’ve watched GOT S06, 2016 was basically the scene where Daenerys was on her dragon, flying far above the war and turmoil. Also, 2016 included some occasional breathe of fire down on all my enemies. I...

Life and Times of Douglas The D is for Drama!

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